weight management 
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Weight Management 
Good nutrition reduces your risk of getting a large number of diseases, from diabetes to heart disease. Our range of traditional asian tea's make the perfect accompaniment to aid a balanced diet. 
Piao Yi Slimming Tea  
Our highest standard Piao Yi Tea prevents cravings, encourages the metabolism and detoxifies your body. 
Our Price: £4.98  
(High Street Price: £15.50) 
Feiyan Diet Tea  
Our fantastic Feiyan Diet Tea helps lose weight quickly and healthily, lowers your cholesterol  
level and improves your digestion. 
Our Price: £19.98 
Feiyan Slimming Tea  
Our popular Feiyan Slimming Tea contains a combination of natural and carefully selected herbal ingredients. 
Our Price: £19.98  
Puer Tea  
Puer Tea is widely drunk to manage weight and provide health maintenance effects 
Our Price: £4.98  
(High Street Price: £14.50)  
Slimming Capsules 
Brillian fat burners! 
Our Price: from £3.98 
(High Street Price: £10.50)  
Herbal Cigarettes 
Want to quit smoking? Have it! 
Our Price: £2.98  
(High Street Price: £5.50)  
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