pain relief 
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pain relief 
Whilst conventional pain releif can be effective, there can also be numerous side effects caused by the synthetic compounds. 
Asian Angel offer a variety of natural products that have been used for effective pain treatment for hundreds of years. 
Wei-Tai 999 Stomach-ache Relief Coffee 
Our Stomach-ache Relief Coffee is excellent to assist the body’s natural digestive processes and settle down those uneasy feelings, such as gas, nausea, bloating, and cramps.  
Our price: £9.98  
Wood Lock Pain Relief Oil  
The Magic Wood Lock Oil is helpful to relief  
aches, pains of muscles, joints and nerves.  
It does work in minutes and you do not need to wait for hours! 
Our Price £19.98 
Huoluo Oil  
Huoluo Oil is a unique complex herbal formula that helps maintain healthy joints and support connective tissue and alleviates the discomfort caused by impaired movement 
Our Price: £19.98 
The Magic Herbal Pain Relief Plaster  
The Magic Plaster is being used not just to treat training pain and ache but also pain and aches caused in the normal hustle and bustle of life.  
Our Price: £5.98  
(High street price: £10.50)  
Free Pain Relief Plaster 
It can apply in such cases as rheumatalgia sprain of a joint, aching of back and legs and so on. 
Oure Price: £0.00 
The Tiger Balm (Red)  
Tiger balm white is extremely effective for day to day discomforts.  
Oure Price: £2.98 
The Herbal Pain Relief Plaster  
Dissipate the symptom casued by chill, reduce stasis and improve the blood circulation,and releive pain 
Oure Price: £3.98  
The Tiger Balm (White) 
Tiger balm red is extremely effective to give relief of muscular aches and pains. 
Our Price: £2.98  
The Red Flower Oil 
Use: Arthritis pain,abdominal pain,postpartum eadache,general fatigue,Lumbago,infected wound,cuts,bruises 
Oure Price: £9.98  
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